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Cultural Resource Management is an important element of undertaking projects for the energy resources and construction industries, as well as government agencies in the Four Corners Region.

The Division of Conservation Archaeology (DCA) has been operating as an internal subdivision of the San Juan County Museum Association since 1978.  Based at San Juan County’s Salmon Ruins Museum, DCA is located near Bloomfield, New Mexico, near the rich energy deposits containing natural gas, oil, and coal.  DCA provides  services to a broad client base serving a variety of needs. 

The DCA is constantly at work providing numerous professional cultural resource management services to to a broad client base serving a variety of needs, including businesses, local, state, and federal government, law enforcement, and even private landowners:

  • Clearance Surveys
  • Site Recording
  • Eligibility Determinations
  • Damage Assessments
  • Construction Phase Monitoring
  • Cultural Resource Overviews
  • Historic Structure Preservation Field and site surveying
The San Juan Basin

Cultural Resource Clearance

DCA has an experienced staff of six permitted archaeologists to conduct cultural resource clearance surveys.  Projects can be undertaken in northwestern New Mexico and southwest Colorado.  Some of the current permitting includes:

  • Bureau of Land Management (including the Dinetah area)
  • USDA Forest Service
  • States of New Mexico and Colorado
  • Navajo Nation
  • Jicarilla Apache Nation

Archaeologists can effectively undertake pedestrian surveys, site recordation, and National Register eligibility evaluations according to the guidelines and stipulations of each land managing agency.  Compliance of the law with an effective understanding of cultural resource eligibility determinations provides a mechanism for efficient completion of any project from field work to report submittal.  Professional report preparation using GIS formatting has become a standard for all managing agencies.

Site Recording

Site Surveys

Mitigation/Data Recovery

Excavational data recovery may be necessary in some cases.  The DCA team is experienced in site mitigation and data recovery.  In the past 35 years, DCA has conducted over 20 mitigation projects, producing publishable level reports.

Data recovery may require special studies to complete a given project.  A few examples of these studies may include:

  • Macrobotanical
  • Pollen
  • Ceramic
  • Lithic
  • Dating

DCA can conduct select studies in-house or use proven consultants to complete the research.

Data Recovery

Construction Phase Monitoring

When construction needs to proceed in close proximity to cultural resources, monitoring may be stipulated for site protection and to record inadvertent cultural discoveries.  The DCA staff provides construction phase monitoring to facilitate the work.

Construction Phase Monitoring

Ruins Stabilization

Our experienced team of Native American stabilization specialists regularly undertake preservation projects on prehistoric and historic structures.  Their work related to condition assessment and ruins stabilization is tailored to preserve the structural as well as the stylistic integrity of Southwestern adobe and stone architecture.

Ruins Stabilization

Ruins Stabilization

Management Team

DCA's Management Team has a track record of bringing projects to completion in a timely and highly effective manner.  The team can council clients in relation to compliance with agency regulations and the needs of a given project's undertaking in terms of rights of ways, cultural buffers, recordation requirements, etc.  These are essential in keeping projects on schedule.  Competitive rates complement the effectiveness of the organization.  A rate schedule is available upon request.

Management Team

Remember that the SJCMA is a non-profit organization:
Our overhead revenue from DCA projects goes directly to support educational programs, exhibits, and cultural activities at the Salmon Ruins Museum.

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